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How To Crush It On Social Media

There are some things you can do to crush it on Social Media that are easy to accomplish but take discipline in order to consistently drive traffic to your website or sales page.

Crush It On Social Media

Become Visible

First, you have to become very visible.  You can accomplish this by joining groups and participating in their discussions.   Find groups that are relevant to your business or niche and join them.  You can find these groups by going to Google and typing in the type of niche and including the word “forum,”  “groups,” or “blogs.”   As an example, if you are looking for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, type in Google “SEO forum” and it returns top groups with SEO as their theme.  You can do this for anything you want to target.

Next, join the groups you target and get active each day by participating in their chats and answer questions when you can.  The primary point is to become visible to the group and build credibility.  A word of caution is to never spam the group with sales offers or you may get banned from the group.

Another good place to meet potential prospects is in Facebook groups or following others on Twitter.  But one area that I would like to point out is a site called Meet Up.  It can be found at  and once on the site you can sign up and type in your niche and it will give you groups in your area that are interested in your keyword.  It also shows the number of members so pick groups to join with a lot of members for maximum exposure.  It will use your location so simply change the distance from your present location to “any distance” and it will return all groups in the keyword niche throughout the country.  This is an excellent way to meet potential customers but again, go about it slow and nurture your following.

Another good way to capture a following on the web is to join Yahoo Answers and participate by answering questions from people relating to your niche.  Here is a note of caution.  Yahoo is very strict on people answering questions and if they think you are spamming them with links they will permanently ban you from any further participation.

Start out developing relationships and in time, people will be coming to you to help them solve their problems.  That is the time to lead them to options and give them links to your blog or to a page that may be helpful in solving their problem.  But first and foremost, treat your new prospect with sincerity, honesty, and integrity.  The more free information you provide to them and the value they perceive will come back to you many times over.

Build Credibility

Next, you have to build credibility with the group and again, you will accomplish this best by providing free content that they perceive as being invaluable to their business or personal life.  Your primary goal must be to provide valuable information or content.  It’s like the old saying from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”  If you are perceived as being the “go-to guy” for solving their problems, the group will gravitate to you and seek you out for help and support.

Once your new prospect determined that you are the answer to his or her problems, then that is the time to start offering your services but you still have to go at it slow and offer more free value to them.  But now, they will be willing to pull out their wallets and start paying for your services.

So this is a long-term goal you need to focus on in order to build a following or “tribe” that will lead you to profitability in your business.

Go out and join groups in your niche, provide free value and content and then slowly work to move to profitability with them but on their terms.  Remember your goal is to increase your visibility within the groups you join without spamming them and build credibility with your perceived valuable information that you are sharing.  That is the way to crush on social media if you are not able to use paid advertising.

I hope that this article has helped you or has you thinking about new ways to find customers for your business so you can crush it on social media.  Come back to this site frequently or follow me on Twitter as I post updates to this blog whenever I add a new article.    Follow me on Twitter Here

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