Making Money On YouTube

Making Money On YouTube

The question to ask yourself should be, how do I install my own “cash machine” on the YouTube platform so that I can start making money on YouTube?  Below are listed key elements to consider.

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Making Money On YouTube

Pick Your Niche

It is vitally important to pick a quality niche. It will take hard work to make money without a customer followingso pick a popular niche where there is the most traffic/competition and one that you are passionate about. Having expertise in your niche can also accelerate your success in online marketing.

The top niches for making money online are Weight Loss and Dieting, Dating and Relationships, and Making Money.  You have the best chance of success if you pick a targeted niche in one of these three categories.

To ensure your success, pick popular topics that people are searching for on Google and then search YouTube by looking at successful YouTube videos that are the most searched for in your selected niche.  The next step is to create your own “mirror” videos of them. It will save you time and help you by mirroring the popular videos.

Find the Top Ranked YouTube Channels in your Niche

Find and make a list of top ten sites using your niche keywords. You can find the best keywords using a free tool provided by Neil Patel at

List the Top 10 Videos on Each YouTube Channel

Of the returned search websites, list the top ten videos of each site in order from 1 through 10.  YouTube has vetted the material that the audiences like and ranks them just like Google.

Create Content Videos like the popular YouTube Channels

Now you must create your own content based on popular video topics. Take the best information from each of the top videos, incorporate it into your own videos, and it will help you to attract your own audience.  This is especially true if you are providing even greater relevant content in each of your videos.  Remember, your goal must be to incorporate the very best content, from the best videos, with the highest rankings, so that you set yourself apart and project yourself as the authority in your niche.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must do it yourself or outsource this task to rank your videos.

For Google Chrome there are two extensions to download: VidIQ or 2 Buddy. They will pull tags from the popular videos you view and display them for you to use in your own videos. Also, make sure to incorporate on-page and off-page SEO into your videos for higher ranking.

Video Title

You must name your video what people are searching for. Use Ubersuggest and it will tell you how many people are searching the keyword monthly. Using the keyword in the title is important for ranking.   Note:  This also applies to article writing.  Your keyword should be used throughout your article but don’t overdue it as Google and YouTube can penalize you.  Keywords should be limited to no more than 5% density of your article or description.

Keyword Stuffing

You must avoid keyword stuffing which risks your channel being taken down. Keyword stuffing is when keywords are loaded into a web page’s meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text. It is done in an attempt to gain an unfair rank advantage in ranking pages or video however, the search engines can penalize you for this technique so it is frowned upon.

Content Creation

Always keep creating new content.  As the saying goes, “Content is King,” so how much time you spend creating new content will expedite your success online. YouTube channels are branding and content oriented. If you own a YouTube channel, you need to be creating more content on a regular basis and you need to get good at it too.  The more content you create, the more traffic you will draw to your website and YouTube channel.  That is your goal!

Affiliate Marketing

Learn hot to build a business with Affiliate Marketing which is the number one way for new entrepreneurs to make money online. You must be continually creating YouTube videos to enhance your business and Affiliate Marketing is the best way for someone with a limited budget and no personal product to make a significant income by offering other people’s products through a website or YouTube video.   You will enhance your profitability by learning that making money on YouTube is easier if you build a following with good content videos and then offer products you review or present where you can earn a high percentage commission from each sale.

My #1 Recommendation for Affiliate Marketing

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