Reverse Engineering The Numbers

Reverse Engineering The Numbers

What Does It Mean “Reverse Engineering The Numbers?”

We hear the term “reverse engineering the numbers” a lot in business. But what does that really mean? Are we attempting to determine our cost of setting up our business? Is it a way to calculate taxes? Or, is it the price associated with Employee costs?

Reverse Engineer the Numbers

Actually, it is none of the above.  When we talk about “reverse engineer the numbers,” we are talking about understanding results.  Continue reading “Reverse Engineering The Numbers”

What Business Is Right For Me?

What Business is Right For Me?

Finding the right business is the key to your success. You must also be passionate about the process and understand that it takes time.  If you are not excited about your business, then you are in the wrong niche or it could be that this is the wrong time for you.  It is vital to answer the question of “what business is right for me?”  So……
Trust Yourself
It’s time for you to regroup and learn more about “you” and trust yourself and what it is that you want out of not only your life but financially as well.  You must have clearly answered the question of “what business is right for me?”

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Succeeding Online

Succeeding Online

I have determined that there are 8 characteristics that you must have if you want to succeed online.  You must:
1. Have desire.  Without desire, there can be no creativity.
2. Have a plan.  Businesses thrive on having a good plan.  You cannot just throw up a website and think you are in business.  Planning is the key to implementation and success.
Action Plan
3.  Have a mentor. Your success will increase if you are following in the footsteps of someone who has “been there and done that.”  It can shave years off the learning process and lead to dramatic profitability.  Proper guidance is essential to business success.

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Failing Online

Failing Online

I would like to tell you about my journey as an internet marketer and how I thought I was succeeding and not failing online.  But….

I failed miserably!  There was no “Order” but rather “Chaos” described my attempt at mastering internet marketing!  But we definitely don’t want chaos.

Failing Online

I did not have a structure to follow. I did not have a mentor. I did not have a clue, except what I researched and read on the internet and in many books that I purchased.  But, after reading everything, I thought that I had it mastered and I was bound to make my first million dollars. The internet was mine! Continue reading “Failing Online”

Become a Legendary Force – Earn Money Online

Become a Legendary Force – Earn Money Online

I hope that you will see the potential of the Legendary Marketer Program and how you can earn money online to make a difference in your future.

Become a Legendary Force

By letting go and taking control of your life and your time can be the most important decision you will ever make. Continue reading “Become a Legendary Force – Earn Money Online”

Welcome to “How To Earn Money Online”

Welcome To How To Earn Money Online


You have found this page because, like me, things were not working out as we had expected over the years.
In my case, I had a good job but that didn’t ensure my financial security later in life.  I was on the losing side in the Employee/Self-Employed side of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant.  But, I wanted to meet financial freedom on the right side of the Cash Flow Quadrant as a Business Owner/Investor.

Cash FlowQuadrant

A major problem of getting to the right side of the quadrant is cost.  You can spend thousands of dollars before you take in your first dollar of revenue.  This not only applies to brick and mortar businesses but online businesses as well. 

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