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I have learned over the years that success is directly proportional to motivation.  If you are not passionate about your business then your chances of failure are greatest.   Let me explain.


I have been involved with more than a dozen network marketing businesses.  The lifecycle of those companies is dependent upon signing up as many people as possible to become distributors, who must then buy a minimum amount of product each month to qualify for the compensation plan.

With your minimum purchase, you have two choices.  You can either sell them (which usually means friends or family), or you can consume them yourself.  Well, I am here to tell you that America’s garages are littered with unconsumed products from these companies. Each of these people had good intentions of succeeding in MLM, but most likely lost interest for a lot of differing reasons.  Rejection being perhaps Number 1.

Become a Good Storyteller

In order to succeed in MLM, business, or in life, we must be able to push through rejection in order to succeed.  And this is best accomplished by becoming a good storyteller.   We must tap into people’s pain and offer them solutions based on proven results and this is best accomplished by becoming a product of the product.  By this I mean sharing your own personal results from the product.

There is no better example for stories than your own success.  Especially if people can relate to you and your story.  But you must be sincere and you must be brutally honest with them.  If you are sincere, people will gravitate toward you.  There is nothing more refreshing than being around sincere and honest people.

People will seek you out for advice and friendship.  And, of course, honesty is always the best policy.   We have heard that a million times but it applies equally in business too.  Honesty, or lack thereof, will make you or break you!

Conversely, people perceived to be insincere or contrite are usually ignored and disrespected.  It is a byproduct of their own poor choices and usually ends in failure.  There is no place in life or business for this type of person or behavior.

Sincerity and Honesty

During our entire lives, the personal practice of sincerity and honesty cannot be overemphasized.   And when you become a good storyteller combined with people’s perception of your integrity, your success can be increased tenfold.

If you are a network marketer, you must have integrity, and be honest with your potential team members.  Word will quickly spread and people will avoid or reject you if all they portray you to be is a snake oil salesman.

My best advice is to contact friends and family ‘last’ after you have found success.  Then they will be more apt to follow you when you have a success story to share with them and you will be able to capture their attention, especially if you are sincere and honest.

The Hallmark of Your Brand

In any personal business venture let honesty, integrity, and sincerity become the hallmark of your brand.  This applies to every type of business from brick and mortar to online.  In doing so, your story will become widely recognized in whatever country you reside in.

In your personal life, you will find inner peace knowing that your success is the result of honesty, integrity, and sincerity. You can then sleep with no guilt on your conscience.  People will seek you out for advice and counsel. Your persona will precede itself and success will envelop you and your brand which you will see through ever increasing sales and income results.  You will then be able to “ride the wave” to whatever goal you set for yourself!

To your success,

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