Time Management

Time Management

Whether it be in business or your personal life, time is precious.  Does it always seem that you never have enough time to accomplish your daily tasks?  Well, it’s not that you haven’t tried, but there is always something that distracts you.  Right?

Time Management

You must learn to work smartLogging onto Twitter, Facebook, or reading email ten times a day is a major drain on productivity.  You need the discipline to streamline your work into a manageable system.  A system that will open up your daily calendar to doing the things that you would like to do.  But, right now, these are things you cannot do because you don’t have enough time.  But that can end too!

Instead of tackling each day with the purpose of just working, you need to develop your own time management system.  A system that will prevent wasting time while maximizing your productivity.

So, let’s say we’re working in an online affiliate marketing business from home.  That is how you found me online, to begin with, and these time management tips will really apply to not only conducting your business but your personal life as well.

So, let’s dive in and break it down.  A typical eight-hour workday is never truly eight hours.  At most productivity can be a fraction of that time. There are just too many distractions and most are things not even related to your primary business.  Personal calls, social media, internet searches, running errands, reading news, and endless checks of email all rob time.  It’s time for some good old fashion discipline; a commitment to yourself to change for the better and budget your time.

To start with, sit down at the end of each workday and spend a few minutes planning your next day’s activities.

Let’s plan tomorrow’s day right now for a typical online marketer.  We will say that we need to do these tasks:
1.  Check business email and respond as necessary
2.  Check business related voice messages
3.  Check previous day’s leads and sales numbers
4.  Check deposits into your business bank account
5.  Open only your business social media pages and answer questions and/or make a daily post
6.  Write a short article for your blog if applicable
7.  Add a new post to your autoresponder campaign
8.  Write a new ad to split test
9.  Look for new ways to improve your sales funnel
10. Read a chapter in a personal development book
Then take the rest of the day off!

This may seem like a lot of items to compete each day.  But believe me, if you plan ahead it will pay you dividends.  But most importantly, work in a distraction-free environment and have a written checklist to keep you focused.  If you do this, you can fly through your list very quickly each day.

Plan to only check your general email once per day unless you get a call alerting you to a specific email that is critical to address. This will save you considerable time each day.

Finally, you don’t have to be a one-person band.  Let’s face it, you should be doing the things that you do best and paying someone else to do the things you don’t know how to do or just despise doing.  This is where outsourcing has its place.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with outsourcing, there is a website called Fiverr that can help you. [ www.fiverr.com ] It is a site where people advertise their jobs (called gigs) and you can get almost anything done starting for $5.

There is almost every category of work that you can get done cheaply at Fiverr.  You can get your website fixed, have articles written, videos made, or voice overs just to name a few of the gigs.  This is a great resource to help you free up more of your time and to find solutions for your business that may be robbing you of your time.  There are other outsourcing companies but Fiverr is a great starting point for the person on a budget.

So, when it comes to time management, having a written plan each day is key to saving you time.  And recording the time spent in each task daily will help you find ways to work smarter and more efficiently.  It will free up time you haven’t had, to spend more of your precious moments with friends and family.  You can then do the things you want to do right now but where before it always seemed you would never have enough time.

Remember, Fiverr can really be your new best friend by helping you get a handle on time management.  This is a starting point.   Good luck and find other ways to maximize your work and productivity over a shorter period while opening up much more time to do the things you would truly love to do.

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