Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner

Today, keyword planners vital to internet businesses and if you want to perform keyword research you need a good tool to support your research. You will find that in order to simplify your keyword research, it is very expensive to do timely keyword searches if you want immediate results.

The three most popular used keyword tools are Semrush, MOZ, and Google Keyword Planner. But there is a new SEO keyword planner that is becoming known for its quick relative information and the best part is that it is completely free. It is called UberSuggest.

UbersuggestUber Suggest is the brainchild of Neil Patel, an internet entrepreneur, who is known for his in-depth free content and YouTube videos that he produces to inform internet marketers about latest trends and tools to make their jobs easier in business and lead generation.


Neil’s keyword planner that he developed and is giving away for free is a strategy that he has undertaken to provide a suite of free tools to replace the costly tools required for internet marketers to compete in the marketplace.
Uber Suggest ( ) now has the keyword planning tool that is easy to use and returns valuable information in just a few seconds. Enter your desired keyword or words and Uber Suggest returns the monthly search volume, the Cost Per Click (CPC), and a competition score. Competition scores range from .01 to 1.00. The higher the score, the more competition you have for a given keyword. Additionally, it returns many relevant keywords to the root keyword with the same data attached. You can eliminate words (negative keywords) and place other filters on your search. You can also export or copy your lists from the keyword planner for future use.

Free Suite of Tools

Uber Suggest will be a completely free keyword planning tool and it is in Beta testing right now. Neil Patel plans to roll out other free tools to his suite of freebies over the next several months that will perform other essential tasks required in building an online business so that we marketers will have quality tools working for us, especially for those starting out with limited funds for starting a business.

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