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So You Want To Work From Home?

If you want to work from home, you have to first ask yourself one question. Why do I want to work from home?

Work From Home

There are probably dozens of reasons for why you would want to work from home.  Maybe you hate your current job or fear you will be downsized and laid off.  Maybe you don’t make enough money.  Maybe you want to spend more time with your family.  Maybe you don’t like your boss or maybe you want a greater challenge in life.

Whatever your reason for wanting to work from home, stop!  You must understand one thing first and foremost.  Working from home requires discipline, motivation, consistency, and sacrifice.  And it is hard work.

First of all, you must determine what you will be doing?  What will be your field of work?  Are you going to work for someone else who pays you to work offsite from home?  This solves your income problem providing you will earn what you determine is your minimum acceptable salary.

If you will become a consultant in your field of expertise then you can set your fee schedule based on your knowledge, expertise, years of experience, and special qualifications.  But if you have decided to work from home and are just trying to figure out your best options, the best piece of advice is don’t quit your day job until you establish yourself in your home-based business and have revenue coming in on a routine basis.

As I mentioned, working from home requires discipline, motivation, consistency, and sacrifice.  You need to do a self-analysis or yourself to determine if you are a suitable candidate to work from home.  We always hear about people working from home but never stop to think about what is required.

Do your own self-analysis to get started by evaluating the following four characteristics needed to succeed while working from home.


You must have the incredible self-discipline to work from home. In today’s world, there are just too many distractions from social media, surfing the Internet, television, phone calls, boredom, friends, and family.  Remember, in your current or past job, you worked in a controlled environment where these above-mentioned distractions were not allowed.  When working from home you control the environment and you must have daily, consistent discipline to succeed. For people who lack discipline or the ability to acquire it, working from home can only lead to failure.


Why do you want to work from home? Your “why” is probably the most important question to answer for yourself.  We touched on this above, but you have to drill down and determine if you really want to work from home.  Maybe you are living from paycheck to paycheck and need extra money.  Maybe you are facing foreclosure and find yourself in the desperation mode.  Whatever the reason for your “why,” you must have a laser focus and be so motivated that you cannot fail.


In order to succeed while working from home, you have to avoid distractions.  With your new found freedom of being home all the time, friends and family will want more of your precious time. Remember, when you work for an employer you are exchanging time for money.  So when you work from home any distractions will have you exchanging your time for NO money.  Consequently, the key to success in working from home is to perform your work in a consistent manner.

You should establish office hours a stick to a rigorous schedule. Further, budget your time by scheduling specific tasks to be accomplished each day at specific times and adjust the allotted times as required. You are free to determine the amount of time that you spend working, but just like in your job, if you take time off, make it up or you will find yourself with less income that could put you in an even worse financial crisis than what maybe led you to work from home in the first place.


It goes without saying that taking the steps to work from home as a self-employed business owner takes sacrifice.  Initially, as you establish yourself, it will take many more hours a day to establish your business and brand when working from home.  But this is where you can consider having family members help you while you are getting established.

The startup time required could actually bring a family together by having family members be active participants in your new business. That in itself can be fun and motivating.  But aside from that, starting a business and working from home does take sacrifice so always be cognizant of your responsibilities to the business and to your family.

A healthy balance of work and family will be vital to your success.

Finally, there is no doubt that working from home has its benefits, but it also requires discipline, motivation, consistency, and sacrifice.  If you consider all of these factors, they need to work together in synergy in order to maximize your results.  If you work on each of these factors as a building block of the others, success can and will come to you.

If you marginalize any one of them your road to success will become exponentially more difficult.  So get to work! Working from home can be a very rewarding experience both financially and spiritually if you remain disciplined, have an unwavering motivation, are always consistent, and know there will be sacrifices.

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